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Building Information Modeling (BIM)

BIM is integrated building design that fosters a collaborative effort consisting of both technology and methodology. We utilize this process in sprinkler system design as well as other 3D modeling tasks.

The primary benefits of BIM for USAFP and our customers include:

  • Utilizing 3D visualization capability to communicate complex situations.
  • Coordination among trades, especially clash detection prior to field mobilization.
  • Collaborative problem solving that more easily includes input from all interested parties.

The typical levels of BIM modeling include:

  • Design Model - Project scope documents prepared by design professionals including architectural, structural, MEP and site/civil.
  • Construction Model - Layout documents prepared by the various building trade contractors that include a finer level of detail, for example, dimensioned placements and construction sequences.
  • Schedule Model (4D) - linking the work sequences to the scope defined in the Design Model.
  • Cost Model(5D) - linking costs to the scope defined in the Design Model.
  • Fabrication Model - digital models to replace traditional shop drawings and create an accessible permanent record of the materials provided and their sources.
  • Operations Model - the owner's permanent record, it includes all inspection, testing and maintenance requirements keyed directly to specifically tagged pieces of equipment.

By its nature, BIM lends itself to green construction through a more considered and efficient layout and less need for printed documents.

United States Alliance Fire Protection has proactively committed toward BIM competency, not only in our engineering technology but also with our sales and marketing efforts. You could enjoy a three dimensional preview of the features and benefits included with the proposed fire protection for your next project.


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