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On board for residential life safety

On board for residential life safety
December 8, 2010 - United States Fire Protection's Vice President of Residential Sales Jamie Reap was appointed chairman of the Chicago Sprinkler Industry Promotion committee and the Residential Fire Sprinkler Design and Installation Exam Development committee.

Reap has 29 years of experience in the fire sprinkler industry, is NICET IV certified and a member of the NFSA national residential committee.

The Chicago Sprinkler Industry Promotion committee is comprised of four voting members from separate contractors. Two non-contractual members are advisors. This committee provides guidance to and establishes the budget for the Northern Illinois Fire Sprinkler Advisory Board (NIFSAB). NIFSAB is a nonprofit advisory board that offers educational assistance to fire departments, political lobbying, advertising and live fire sprinkler demonstrations.

Due to NIFSAB, 70 jurisdictions adopted ordinances for fire sprinklers in single-family homes and 88 zero-square-foot ordinances were passed. A zero-square-foot ordinance requires any size new commercial structure to have fire sprinklers.

As Chairman of the IP committee, Reap's is to create more opportunities for the industry and get sprinkler fitters back to work.

The Residential Fire Sprinkler Design and Installation Exam Development committee is collaborative between seven people with diverse backgrounds in the fire protection industry.

At the first meeting the committee was introduced to the psychometrics used in testing then given the task to develop, evaluate and weigh the questions for ICC Exam 680.

"Although very tedious, a thoughtful test development process will ultimately protect the integrity and well-earned reputation of our industry," Reap said. "And I'm honored to be part of that."

The exam is anticipated to be legislated as a required credential to install residential fire sprinkler systems.

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