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USFP wins safety award

ASA winner United States Fire Protection completed the McCormick Place West expansion, joint venture with Alliance Fire - Chicago, Ill.
June 30, 2009 - June 30, 2009 - United States Fire Protection (USFP), a fire protection contractor serving the Chicago and Milwaukee markets, received the Association of Subcontractors and Affiliates (ASA Chicago) Safety Award on June 2. According to ASA Chicago, only 56 companies qualified to receive the award this year, making the USFP safety program "very" aggressive.

"I think the award is really a credit to the whole team trying to keep safe," said USFP President Chad Huennekens. "Our whole team is extremely committed to safety and loss prevention."

According to ASA Chicago, USFP qualified for the award because both of its incident rates for 2008 were less than both of its composite incident rates. The composite incident rate was calculated using the company's three-year history.

Other qualifications included the company's total number of recordable injuries, cases with days away from work, man-hours, and the total number of work injuries.

Huennekens gives a special thanks to USFP Safety Director Dave Curran and the APi Group Risk Management department.

"Without APi Group's support we could not achieve this award," Huennekens said.

ASA Chicago is an independent, nonprofit trade association representing the subcontracting industry and its affiliates. It was formed in 1967 to address the business problems that affect subcontractors. Today, ASA Chicago is one of the largest trade associations in the Chicago area and represents more than 400 members, its website said.

"I am excited our safety program is picking up momentum," Huennekens said.

To learn more about United States Fire Protection visit: www.unitedstatesfireprotection.com. To learn more about ASA Chicago visit: www.asachicago.org.

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