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Inspection, Testing & Maintenance

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Our Inspection Department is staffed with well-trained servicepersons and inspectors that will inspect, test and maintain your fire sprinkler systems in conformance with State and Municipal requirements. United States Alliance Fire Protection recommends following NFPA25, the National Standard for Inspection, Testing and Maintenance of Water-Based Fire Protection Systems, as the basis to ensure proper performance of system components.

Inspections Services Offered

  • Wet pipe sprinkler
  • Dry pipe sprinkler
  • Anti-freeze sprinkler
  • Backflow prevention testing
  • Corrosion evaluation
  • Fire pump testing
  • Pre-action sprinkler
  • Deluge sprinkler
  • Low and High expansion Foam
  • Water Spray systems
  • Foam water spray
  • Foam water sprinkler
  • Private fire service main testing
  • Fire Hydrant Inspection
  • Water storage tank inspection
  • Standpipe system testing
  • Fire Hose Inspection
  • Building and fire alarm testing
  • Emergency/Exit Light Inspection
  • Kitchen hood system inspections
  • Fire extinguisher inspection and testing
  • Clean Agent Systems
  • Special Hazard Systems
  • Water mist systems

Owner Responsibilities

  • Evaluate your fire protection water supply for corrosive potential
  • For gravity and suction tanks: maintain water temperature above 40F (4C)
  • Keep access doors, hydrants and fire department ("siamese") connections free of snow and ice accumulation.
  • Keep all fire protection control equipment clear and accessible
  • Maintain a temperature above 40 F (4C) in areas with wet pipe sprinkler systems
  • Maintain a temperature above 40 F (4C) in valve rooms and electric fire pump enclosures
  • Maintain a temperature above 70 F (21C) in diesel fire pump rooms
  • Maintain dry system low point drains before freezing weather arrives
  • Visually inspect fire sprinkler systems and components regularly


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"Given a project this size and the amount phasing/parking relocations required to complete the entire garage, we could have had many complaints or problems with our tenant employees. Because USA Fire provided such good communication and were so accommodating to our requests, we had virtually a complaint free project. Thank You!"
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