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Recent Projects

United States Alliance Fire Protection provides fire protection services to clients in a wide variety of industries. Check out some of our recent work:

Congress/Wacker Tunnel

In August 2011, USAFP was awarded the fire protection contract for the Congress Parkway and Wacker Drive reconstruction project. The project consisted of manual dry sprinkler and dry standpipe systems. This project has been interesting in several ways. First, all material was required to be made of stainless steel. Second, due to Federal Highway Administration funding, the entire project had to comply with "Buy America" material origin documentation. Third, the curvature of the tunnels themselves presented challenges in installation. Given these unusual circumstances, expertise from the metal shop at our sister company, Grunau Company, was consulted. This entire undertaking became a noteworthy team effort which, not surprisingly, made all the difference. The commitment and cooperation of our supplier partners and the unwavering "Can-Do" attitude demonstrated by job foreman Mark Sorum and crew ensured final success.

Tribune Tower

USAFP was awarded the retrofit contract for the Tribune Tower in Chicago this year. The Tower was started in 1922 and completed in 1925. Col. Robert McCormick wanted his building to be "the most beautiful and eye catching office building in the world." The 34-story building soars to a height of 463 feet. The tower was designed with all of the traditional elements of skyscrapers plus the flying buttresses, spires, grotesques and other elements of the finest cathedrals of the world. USAFP’s work consists of completing the retrofit of the building which originally started in 2008 at Alliance Fire Protection. The project came in under budget and ahead of schedule despite the difficult conditions imposed by the building remaining fully occupied during the retrofit process. To get around the inefficiencies, all work for this was completed at night by foreman Mike Wencloff and crew - great job team!

Becker Specialty Coatings

In January 2013, United States Alliance Fire Protection completed the fire protection work inside a new warehouse addition at Becker Specialty Coatings located in Elk Grove Village, IL. Their processes involve the use and storage of flammable liquids which creates the need for specialized fire protection. The contract involved the expansion of, and modification to, a foam water sprinkler system previously installed by US Fire fifteen years earlier. A new system was added at the roof level of the addition plus another system placing sprinklers at every level throughout the new storage racks. Self-performing the system acceptance tests proved to be an interesting challenge when it was determined that the existing foam systems had not been thoroughly checked out in some time, but in the end all the components came together and the new systems fully passed their acceptance tests. Job foreman Jim McManus and crew put the pipe up under significant deadline pressure and made us all look good in the end. Great team effort!!

O'Hare Taxiway WK Reroute Tunnel Project

USAFP recently completed another challenging tunnel project, this time at O’Hare Airport. The job conditions required that a freestanding tunnel structure be built ahead of a massive earthmoving contract to reroute a major taxiway. Our portion consisted of two manual foam deluge systems, one each for the eastbound and westbound lanes inside the tunnel. Having no permanent water supply, the systems were specifically engineered to meet the pumping capacity of the fire apparatus.

Hanging anything from the precast roof structure was specifically forbidden. Consequently, crossing the tunnel had to occur outside the tunnel in areas that will eventually be backfilled and buried deep underground. This unusual job condition required some ingenuity to complete.

In the end, the project came together on budget and on time, culminating in a spectacular discharge test filling the tunnel with water spray. Hats off (again) to our stainless steel tunnel crew lead by Mark Sorum.

Elmhurst Memorial Hospital - Elmhurst, Ill.

United States Alliance Fire Protection installed fire sprinkler systems that included more than 10,000 sprinklers, along with standpipes and fire pumps, at this five-story, 1 million-square-foot hospital complex, which replaces Elmhurst Memorial Hospital's previous campus. We completed the project on time and on budget.

Our designers used three-dimensional modeling to plan the project's mechanical and electrical installations, which helped to coordinate work seamlessly and avoid construction conflicts.

The fire sprinkler system incorporates the International Building Code (IBC)'s seismic standards, making Elmhurst one of the first hospitals in the area to meet these standards. We also installed three underground water storage tanks to meet the IBC's high-rise requirements.

McClurg Court - Chicago, Ill.

United States Alliance Fire Protection recently completed a fire sprinkler system retrofit for McClurg Court, an apartment complex in downtown Chicago. The 1 million-square-foot building is now fully protected with more than 12,000 sprinkler heads.

The retrofit's first phase consisted of installing fire sprinklers in more than 1,000 occupied apartments throughout the building's two 45-story towers. We completed the work in less than six months with minimal disruption to tenants. McClurg Court's management company, RMK Management, praised the performance of our engineers, superintendent, foreman, fitters and managers, and awarded the second phase of the project to us as well.

During the second phase, we retrofitted the building's occupied retail shops, health club, tennis courts, swimming pool and two-story theater, as well as back-of-the-house areas and personal storage lockers.

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