USAFP has achieved 7 Million hours
without a lost time injury!

USA Fire Protection, Inc. operates with the philosophy that Quality, Safety and Productivity work collectively to deliver greater value to our customers. This simple attitude differentiates us from our competition. We are dedicated to safety and risk management within our fire protection services.

Safety Protects People | Quality Protects Jobs


USAFP team members are held to the highest safety standards by adhering to the company safety program known as STEPS . This acronym stands for “Striving Towards Excellence and Professionalism in Safety” and incorporates a number of controls to protect our Team Members and ensure that our job sites and facilities are a safe place to work.


Key Aspects of our Steps Program:

  • Culture of Leaders and Accountability – All Team Members within the organization are responsible for safety.
  • Daily Safety Huddle – To start the day off safely, reduce incidents, injury, and illness
  • Stop Work Authority – Everyone has the personal responsibility, authority, and support to Stop Work for unsafe conditions
  • Weekly Toolbox Talks – To heightened awareness on safe work practices
  • Job site Safety Audit Portal – Real time reporting: Safety Observations, near misses, good catches, hazardous situations, unsafe and safe behaviors
  • Safety Training, Orientation, and On boarding Programs – Actively work with Team Members to prevent accidents and incidents through training
  • Stretching & Wellness Programs – Workplace programs specifically designed for Team Members and the industry within we work.
  • USAFP Safety Committee – Provides insight and suggestions for increasing safety and accountability in the workplace
  • Job site visits and safety audits – To ensure job sites and facilities are as safe as possible for our Team Members and the places that we work.

These efforts have made us one of the safest fire protection services companies in the Midwest. We take the safety and well being of our Team Members and the customers that we work for very seriously and with our Commitment to Zero to continuously improve our safety performance and programs every day. This safety excellence and value passes directly to the customer as a result in a cost savings in a variety of areas of the project productivity, project delivery and the health of the project financial bottom line.

Our Experience Modification Rating (EMR) and Health and Safety Program are available upon request:
Director of Safety and Risk Management: [email protected]


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