Amazon and Online Holiday Sales

The 2020 holiday season is looking different than ever before. According to Forbes, Black Friday shopping saw a 22% increase in U.S. online sales. Similarly, Cyber Monday saw a 35% increase. Where are most of these online purchases coming from? The answer is Amazon. Thanks to Amazon’s large warehouses located all over the country, the distribution of purchases can be delivered to your door faster than ever.

USAFP has been selected to provide the fire and life safety systems to a variety of Amazon Warehouses. One is Amazon Monee, IL. This facility is an 850,000 square foot fulfillment center.  Half of the building features 4 levels, while the other half has 2.

The four-level product “pick module” presented a unique design challenge. Working with our customer, USA Fire was able to suggest a solution that met all required fire protection design criteria while maintaining the clearances needed by Amazon operations. This is another example of how working collaboratively toward creative solutions with our customer allows them to present a superior final product to the client.

Inside these highly efficient, fine-tuned Amazon warehouses, employees working tirelessly to pick, pack, and ship products to the customers on time for the holidays.

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