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Ladder Safety Month

Ladder Safety A good foundation for a proper ladder setup that will help prevent slips and falls. Place the base on a firm, solid surface. Avoid slippery, wet, or soft surfaces. If you must put the ladder on a soft surface, place a board under the ladder’s feet to provide a firm footing. Make sure […]

NICET III Updates for 2023

​​​NICET III Updates for 2023 As of January 1, 2023, NICET III certification in the Inspection and Testing of Water-Based Systems is required. There will be a rejection of all inspections if NICET III Inspectors are not used. Therefore, you will not be in compliance. These new code updates must be followed as stated in […]

Common Causes of Fire by Industry

Do you know the most common cause of fires by industry?  Fire hazards are evident everywhere, but did you know that different industries have different challenges when it comes to fire hazards? Knowing the most common causes of fires by industry can help you take action to prevent them. Here are the leading causes of […]

Restaurant Fire Safety Tips

Restaurant Fire Safety Tips Whether you are celebrating a birthday, anniversary, OR taking a break from cooking, all it takes is a fire sparking to set your evening adrift. Both the restaurant go-er and owner will suffer the consequences. Approximately 8,240 restaurant fires occur annually, resulting in an average of 2 deaths, 115 injuries, and […]

Keep the Wreath Red

Keep the Wreath Red Many fire departments participate in the “Keep the Wreath Red” tradition during the holiday season. The program was launched in 1980 by the Illinois Fire Chiefs Association aimed at increasing the awareness of safety while decorating your homes for the holidays. According to the NFPA, “holiday lights and other decorative lighting were […]

American Place Temporary Casino – Waukegan

American Place Casino Waukegan & The Temporary by American Place ‘The Temporary by American Place’ intends to operate as an interim casino during construction of the permanent ‘American Place Waukegan Casino’, set for completion in 2025. A 68,000 square-foot Sprung Industries Structure and external trailers make up the structure of the temporary casino, which totals […]

Serving Up Fire Safety in the Kitchen

Serving Up Fire Safety in the Kitchen  Food brings family and friends together, especially around the holidays. As you prepare for all your fun family festivities, it is important to keep kitchen fire safety in mind to keep you and your loved ones safe. Cooking Can Be Costly The NFPA reports that U.S. fire departments […]

Cold Weather Checklist

USA Fire Protection’s Cold Weather Checklist Temperatures are dropping quickly, are you prepared for winter? Read USAFP’s cold weather checklist below to see what you can do to prevent a freeze up this season. Click on the image above to print or download a PDF version of our cold weather checklist. Furthermore, to learn more about how USA Fire Protection can […]

8 Fire Protection Terms You Should Know

Fire Protection Dictionary – 8 Fire Protection Terms You Should Know Whether you are looking into fire protection system installation or are just interested in learning more about fire protection, it may be helpful to know a few key fire protection terms to help communicate your challenges and needs. Here is a quick list of […]

Creepin’ It Real with these Halloween Fire Safety Tips

Costumes, Pumpkins, & Fire Safety… OH MY! Halloween Fire Safety Guide Halloween is a time for sweets, scares, and fun, but do you know how to stay safe? Each year on average, 780 house fires begin from Halloween decorations. More than two of every five Halloween house fires occurred because decorations were placed too close […]