How Do Fire Sprinkler Systems Actually Work?

fireWhen working with new customers, we’re often surprised at how little most people know about fire sprinkler systems. In fact, many of the popular misconceptions keep people from investing in a proper sprinkler system.

Fact Vs Myth

For instance, many people view a comprehensive home sprinkler system as overkill. That’s because they assume that the slightest bit of smoke coming from a lit match might set off every sprinkler in the building. In seconds, everything they own will be completely drenched.

Fortunately, this is far from what would actually happen. While it’s true that a little bit of smoke can be enough to set off your home’s smoke detectors, home fire sprinkler systems work quite differently. Instead of smoke, sprinklers are triggered after detecting extreme levels of heat. So unless you plan on burning an open fire in your living room, you won’t be experiencing any false alarms.

Fact Explained

We’ll delve a little deeper into the process. Most fire sprinklers employ small glass triggers that have some type of liquid inside. When temperatures in the room reach, for example, 150 degrees Fahrenheit, the glass will shatter. Then a valve will open that sends water rushing in through pipes disguised by walls and ceilings. There are different types of sprinkler systems, but this is generally the way each operates.

Even if disaster does strike and a fire catches in part of your home, only sprinklers in the area will be engaged. After all, fire sprinklers are meant to protect everything you cherish, so why would we allow them to drown those things in water? Home sprinkler systems are smart and precise. This is one of the reasons why so many governments and businesses have been relying on them for years.

For the Future

Stop letting misconceptions from the movies discourage you from protecting yourself. While fire sprinkler systems might have been somewhat unreliable when they were first introduced, they have certainly come a very long way.

To learn more about the different types of home fire sprinkler systems available and which one might fit your needs at home, feel free to give us a call today. You might assume that a smoke detector is enough to keep you and your family safe. While that might turn out to be true, why wouldn’t you give your precious home the level of protection it deserves?