What Are the Most Common Causes of House Fires?


What is the number one cause of house fires? Here is a list of the top 5.


Cooking equipment and heating equipment “gone wrong”.


House fires can also be caused by candles left burning unattended.


Clogged lint traps in dryers can start a fire.


Faulty electrical distribution and lighting equipment.


Distractions while using a fire hazard.

What can you do?

Research has found that most home fires start in the kitchen. Have you ever put something on the stovetop to heat up and then walked away to go into another room and watch TV? Many people have. Sometimes though, when people forget they’ve got something on the stove (or in the oven), a fire can start.

Also, did you ever light some candles in a room because they look so pretty and smell so good, only to end up walking out of that room for “just a second” to tend to your laundry in the basement or answer a phone call in the other room? What if a pet or child accidentally knocked that candle over and you came back in the room to discover a blazing fire consuming your sofa and coffee table?

Time to check you home!

When is the last time you checked to make sure your smoke detectors were working properly? Do you have a sprinkler system in your home to put out fires? Have you taken precautions to keep your home as safe as possible from a potential fire?

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