Are Fire Sprinklers Ugly? Try Concealed Fire Sprinklers.

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“Fire sprinklers are ugly” is something that we often hear when people do not know about Concealed Fire Sprinklers. Many people imagine a very industrial-looking system hanging from the ceiling— that is why were are here to tach about Concealed Fire Sprinklers. Here at USA Fire Protection, we work hard to dispel this myth. We make sure people know that fire sprinklers aren’t the unsightly systems they once were!

Thanks to advances in fire sprinkler technology, fire sprinkler systems have come a long way in terms of aesthetics. In a residential or commercial structure, fire sprinklers are well-designed and hard to notice. Also, sprinkler heads are available in a  variety of sizes and colors and match virtually any décor. Concealed fire sprinklers can be painted to disguise the head. In a fire, the paint melts off to allow the sprinkler head to work effectively.

Did you know you can be safe from fire and keep your house aesthetic? Look no further than USA Fire Protection to solve your problems! Remember, there is no need to compromise the beauty of your home or office. We work with you and create a custom solution that protects both you and your property from dangerous fires—while maintaining a polished and professional look!

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