Brooklyn Fire Takes Lives of 7 Children, Sends Terrifying Wake-Up Call

Photo Credit: NY Daily News

Gabriel Sassoon grieves the loss of his 7 young children. Photo Credit: NY Daily News

Too often we read headlines about the deadly results of tragic fires across our nation and across the world. Last month, a Brooklyn fire that took the lives of seven young children was amongst the worst we’ve heard.

Gone too soon

On March 20th, Gabriel Sassoon’s life took a horrific turn. Seven of his eight children lost their lives in a tragic fire that tore through their Brooklyn home overnight. His wife remains hospitalized in a medically induced coma.

Without question, this shook not only the state of New York, but sent a terrifying wake-up call to our entire nation.

International Residential Code (IRC)

Now, advocates have joined forces to urge the New York State Fire Prevention and Building Code Council to adopt the 2015 International Residential Code (IRC), which includes mandating the installation of fire sprinklers to all new residential construction.

As fire chief Edward Rush writes in his April 2nd editorial, “Realistically the seven youngsters who died in the Brooklyn fire would have nevertheless have been lost, mainly because the sprinkler requirement in the 2015 IRC would apply to new buildings only. However, unless we want to read [about] identical stories 20 years from now, the installation of residential sprinklers in new buildings right now is imperative.”

Protecting lives

Let us also emphasize that this is not just New York’s fight. It is time for Illinois, alongside many other states, to take a stand and encourage legislation that protects citizens and saves lives.

Since 1986, we have fought to protect and prevent every human life from fires. We stand firmly with thousands of other firefighters, fire officials, and safety organizations supporting the installation and proper maintenance of fire suppression systems in every residential and commercial building. Fire sprinklers not only protect property, they also protect lives.

Our prayers are with the Sassoon family and the entire community. In their honor, we will continue to work hard to make sure every single home is protected with fire sprinklers.

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