Fire Protection 101: Fire Extinguishers

Fire Extinguishers

While our focus here at USAFP is fire sprinklers, we firmly believe you can never be too safe when it comes to fire protection. The more defenses you have in place, the better. While fire sprinklers cut the risk of house fire deaths by about 80%, there are other devices you should also have in place. Keep reading to learn more about fire extinguishers.

When should you use fire extinguishers?

Although these portable apparatuses can save lives and property, they also have many limitations and should only be used in certain situations. Remember, the number one priority in any fire situation is for everyone to get out safely. Fire extinguishers are best when confined to small areas, once everyone has safely exited the building, and the fire department is on the way.

How to know if the right time to use an extinguisher?

If you have determined that it is an appropriate situation to use a fire extinguisher, remember to PASS!
◾Pull the pin with the nozzle pointing away from you.
◾Aim low towards the base of the fire.
◾Squeeze the lever slowly and evenly.
◾Sweep the nozzle from side-to-side until the fire is out.

Which extinguisher is best for your home?

When choosing a fire extinguisher for your home, the most commonly used is a multi-purpose extinguisher. These are best on all types of home fires (Class A, B, and C). Make sure it is large enough to put out a potential fire but light enough to handle. Experts recommend you keep your fire extinguisher in the kitchen—where most house fires start—and inspect it once a month to ensure its functioning properly. Also, make sure to read the instructions that come with it, so you are familiar with how it operates.

Again, fire extinguishers are only beneficial in certain low-risk situations. The number one priority is for everyone to get out safely. Please contact USAFP with any additional questions. We are here to help!

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