Fire Safety Gifts for Valentine’s Day

Valentine’s DayValentine’s Day, a time to show your loved ones how much you treasure them; how much you love them; how much you care about their safety. Your friends at USAFP are here to help you pick out that perfect gift to show them that you care! 

  1. Smoke Alarm: A simple and inexpensive gift—but one that has potential to save your loved ones life by providing early warning in a fire. Surprisingly, many people don’t have a working smoke alarm in their homes!
  2. Fire Extinguisher: Most people know the importance of fire extinguishers, but many never think to buy one for themselves. Be a hero and buy your Valentine this practical gift!
  3. First Aid Kit: No matter how prepared or cautious we are, small accidents are bound to happen. Make sure your loved one has medical supplies to heal their wounds.
  4. Flameless Candles: If you really love your significant other, you’ll buy them flameless candles so you can “heat things up” without actually heating things up!
  5. Fire Blanket: These are designed to extinguish small fires in the home, boat, garage, etc. While not your typical warm and fuzzy blanket to cuddle with, this blanket can provide happiness in other ways.
  6. Fire Sprinklers: Finally, give the ultimate gift of safety by contacting us at USAFP to install fire sprinklers in your loved one’s home. Nothing says “I LOVE YOU” like potentially saving their life!

This Valentine’s Day, forget the diamonds and red roses. Instead, show your loved one you really care by ensuring they are safe!