Avoid Frozen Sprinkler Pipes This Winter

avoid frozen sprinkler pipes this winter

Winter is coming, and you might be ready, but is your sprinkler system ready?❄️ In order to avoid frozen sprinkler pipes this winter, here are some of USAFP’s tips to prepare your systems!

Dry Sprinkler Systems:
➡️All low points in the system need to be drained and maintained throughout winter.
➡️Maintain temperatures in riser area or pump rooms at 40°F or above.

Wet Sprinkler Systems:
➡️Building temperature should be maintained at 40°F or above.
➡️Be aware of the temperature in areas such as loading docks or storage rooms.

Antifreeze Systems:
➡️Make sure the antifreeze solution is properly mixed to protect against the lowest expected temperatures in your region.
➡️Visually inspect areas that may have a draft or exposed pipe(s) outside the building.

USAFP can inspect and test your system to minimize your risk of costly service calls due to frozen or burst pipes this winter. Call us today at 847-816-0050 or request a quote online to ensure your system is winterized and ready for Chicago weather!