USAFP Provides Fire Safety Updates to AbelsonTaylor at The Chicago Old Main Post Office

AbelsonTaylor and 300 employees are soon moving into the renovated Chicago Old Main Post Office. AbelsonTaylor plans on adding up to 100 new employees within the upcoming years, and The Old Main Post Office allows for the company to grow. They signed a 15-year lease for 85,000 square feet of space. The Old Main Post Office was built in 1921; the structure has been renovated and redeveloped throughout the past ten years. Now four office tenants occupy the property, AbelsonTaylor being one of them. Additionally, to learn more about the redevelopment of the Old Post Office, visit the Chicago Tribune news article here.

USAFP’s on site pre-design in action

The tenant interior team at USA Fire Protection is providing the fire safety updates for AbelsonTaylor’s relocation. USAFP is relocating existing fire sprinklers and adding new fire hose valve piping to the new locations. The team is also installing a pre-action system to protect the data room, and adding new low compliment piping for the new office rooms. Our team is using their knowledge and skills to bring AbelsonTaylor up to code. Safety is our number one priority, so making sure the 300 plus workers at AbelsonTaylor stay safe is most important to us. To learn more about the safety systems we provide at USA Fire Protection, visit our website here. Keep an eye out for an update when this project is complete.