The Hidden Dangers of Steel Pipes: Corrosion

Do you know the warning signs of steel pipes in need of repair?

Exposed areas such as parking garages with dry sprinkler systems and steel pipes are more prone to corrosion than other areas. These systems can face corrosion on the outside of the pipe, known as external corrosion, or corrode from the inside, known as internal corrosion. Unfortunately, most people do not know about the importance of corrosion management. That is until they suffer problems such as pinhole leaks, unnecessary dry valve trips, excessive air compressor run times, or freeze-ups. Sediment created by corrosion can affect the sprinkler discharge pattern by clogging or completely sealing the orifice, preventing water from reaching the fire.

USAFP can fix the most troublesome portions of the system or replace all the pipes. This includes correctly pitching lines and mains. The most common corrosion reaction comes from oxidation. Oxidation occurs when oxygen trapped in the system reacts with the water and steel piping. Our team practices preventive maintenance to combat future corrosion. For example, one way to do this is by installing nitrogen generators. Nitrogen removes the oxygen from the inside of the system to stop corrosion. These systems can be beneficial at extending the life of existing systems not currently experiencing problems.

Our team at USAFP will develop a preventive corrosion management strategy to minimize future problems and maximize your system’s performance. Should work need to be done on your current system, USAFP offers flexible scheduling to minimize interruptions. Call USAFP at 857-816-0050 or request your free quote today.