Corrosion Management

Inevitably, all sprinkler systems will experience some level of corrosion. The forces of nature ensure that. However, corrosion is influenced by numerous, manageable conditions. The specific circumstances present within a system may vary widely and must be considered in order to ensure a long service life. Certain precautions may be in the owner’s best interest.

United States Alliance Fire Protection provides specialized corrosion management services appropriate for the static conditions found within Fire Sprinkler systems.

Our services are geared toward the testing and treatment of corrosion caused by the interaction of oxygen and water inside metal pipe that may ultimately result in M.I.C. (Microbiologically Influenced Corrosion).

Once fire sprinkler corrosion is microbiologically influenced, the process accelerates dramatically. Eventually the sprinkler system's ability to perform as designed becomes diminished. The first manifestation of excessive corrosion is usually objectionable odor and an unnatural coloration of the water drained from the system. By the time nuisance leaks occur the pipe has begun to perforate. Left untreated, Fire Protection Sprinkler system piping will ultimately require total replacement.

The National Fire Protection Association (NFPA) has put the responsibility for determining the status of M.I.C. on the owner of the system as a critical component of an ongoing program of preventative maintenance.

The following Fire Protection services offered by United States Alliance Fire Protection will assist you with that portion of your complete inspection and maintenance program:

  • Corrosion Management Consulting
  • Corrosion Management Treatment
  • Corrosion Monitoring
  • Pipe Scanning and Video Inspection Services
  • Pipe Sampling
  • Sprinkler System Flushing
  • Water Testing

A certified lab analyzes all samples. We present results in a format that allows the formation of an appropriate and individualized corrosion management strategy.

To schedule an appointment or request a quotation for Fire Sprinkler System Corrosion Management & Repair:

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