Data Vault Toolbox

USAFP has increased our technological capabilities by adding two new Data Vault toolboxes to the organization. These Data Vault toolboxes are technology on wheels that can be taken along to job sites. Our IT team worked alongside our engineering and field crew to teach the capabilities of this new technology.

Just like our equipment toolboxes, the outsides of these Data Vaults are strong and durable to withstand the job site environment. The inside of the toolbox consists of a large monitor, printer, and a white board. The cabinet also houses the necessary cords and adaptors to connect to a computer or iPad. Connecting a device is as easy as plugging in the USB or HDMI, then turning on the TV. A printer is located beneath the screen, so job site documents can be printed on the go. These toolboxes have an electrical plugin and a backup battery that can last up to eight hours if needed. Do you have a project that is starting from the ground up? A portable WIFI hotspot is available to help stay connected. That means these toolboxes will work just about anywhere.

The technological advancements from the Data Vault toolboxes will create a more efficient jobsite for our team and our customers. A big thank you to our IT team for making this technological advancement. For all your fire protection needs call our team today at 847-816-0050 or visit our website.