Fire Alarm & Detection

"If your shirt was on fire would you want me to tell you, or put it out?"

A comprehensive fire alarm system consisting of a control panel, initiation devices and notification appliances provides early warning to building occupants in advance of active fire protection systems, like Fire Sprinkler Systems. The safe and orderly egress of building occupants prior to the arrival of emergency personnel increases their ability to react to the actual emergency more quickly.

United States Alliance Fire Protection is licensed to keep your Fire Protection Systems compliant. Inspection, testing and maintenance of a buildings alarm system in accordance with the National Fire Alarm and Signaling Code, NFPA 72, is not just a good idea - it’s a requirement.

Our vertically integrated fire protection expertise allows us to provide a comprehensive proposal for the inspection, testing and maintenance of all your fire protection and safety equipment, including Fire Sprinklers and alarms.

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