Gregg Huennekens to receive 2014 Golden Sprinkler Award

Gregg Huennekens
April 15, 2014 -

In January 2014, the National Fire Sprinkler Association (NFSA) announced that it will recognize USA Fire Protection (USAFP) CEO, Gregg Huennekens, with its highest honor: the Golden Sprinkler Award. Over his twenty five years of involvement in NFSA, Gregg has participated on the Association's Board of Directors at every level. Gregg currently retains the position of area director for the North Central Region but his crowning achievement was his recent completion of two terms as board chairman.

"Our industry was fortunate that Gregg's opportunity to lead coincided with the worst economic downturn in 80 years," said Jamie Reap, USAFP vice president. "His bulldog tenacity for taking on complacency and stale thinking is legendary. He brought an innovative vision for the industry that allowed it to flourish despite the state of the economy as a whole. Surely many companies owe their continued survival to the efforts of his board."

One particular item that stands out in Gregg's career has been his relentless pursuit of residential fire protection. His passion to capture a residential market for USAFP began almost thirty years ago in the Chicago area. This extraordinary notion gained national recognition through his perseverance and influence with the leadership at NFSA. As a consequence, residential fire protection became a recognized component in all the model building codes.

"Gregg has spent his entire career unselfishly making our industry bigger and better for manufacturers, suppliers and competitors alike while at the same time saving lives and property - a noble legacy indeed," Reap said. "Well done!"

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