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August 21, 2013 -

United States Alliance Fire Protection (USAFP) reaches one-million work hours without a lost time incident. USAFP has achieved a rare feat in the construction industry. As of July 31, USAFP has worked a staggering 1,479,672 work hours without a lost-time accident.

"This feat could not have been achieved without the help of everyone," USAFP President Chad Huennekens said. "We are extremely proud that our people go home at the end of the day safely." USAFP thanks all of its associates for making safety a priority and encourages everyone to keep up the great work. "This mark is not a finish line, but rather the start of something even more impressive," Huennekens said.

USAFP continues its excellent safety and loss prevention program because it is achieved through management commitment, employee participation, safety awareness, and continued training. The company provides a Health and Safety Program, Tool Box Talks, Job-Site Inspections, Safety Huddles, Safety Newsletters, Safety Meetings, Site Visits, "STEPS", Safety Score Card, Pay Check Safety Countdown, and Medcor-On-Line to promote safety awareness.

USAFP was honored in 2013 with the ASA Chicago Safety Award for the fifth consecutive year. This award denotes that since 2004 USAFP has clear recognition and high level of commitment to safety and loss prevention. The company's "Zero Preventable Losses" culture focus' on five key elements.

Zero Preventable Losses

  1. Zero Accidents: All accidents can be prevented.
  2. Zero Injuries: All injuries can be prevented.
  3. Zero Recordable: All recordable can be prevented.
  4. Zero Water Losses: All water losses can be prevented.
  5. Zero Re-Work: All re-work can be prevented.

To achieve "Zero Preventable losses" USAFP has to accept the responsibility to make the right choices each and every time. At the end of the day, we want everyone to be proud of their work and return home safely.

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