The road to zero

April 15, 2014 -

USA Fire Protection (USAFP) reaches more than two million work hours without a lost-time incident. USAFP has achieved a rare feat in the construction industry. As of March 31 the company has worked a staggering 2,209,279 work hours without a lost time accident, further demonstrating why it is one of the safest contractors in the Northern Illinois and Wisconsin areas.

"This feat could not have been achieved without the help of everyone," said Chad Huennekens, USAFP president. "We are extremely proud that every one of our associates goes home at the end of the day to their families, safe and whole."

The company thanks its associates for making safety a first priority and encourages everyone to keep up the great work. "This mark is not a finish line, but rather the start of something even more impressive," Huennekens said.

USAFP has an excellent safety and loss prevention program because it is achieved through management commitment, safety awareness, continued training, and most of all because our employees choose to be safe.

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