Health Care Facilities

Health Care facilities carry the burden of ensuring public safety like few others. The often infirmed and immobile occupants must rely on others to keep them safe in the event of an emergency. The expected standard of care is rightly very high. Excellent fire prevention practices must be observed at all times. The importance of properly designed and maintained fire protection systems cannot be overstated.

United States Alliance Fire Protection has become a specialist in providing systems within new and existing health care facilities. Installing fire protection systems in hospitals and similar occupancies with their specialized requirements can be extremely challenging. Often the room available to accommodate all trades appears entirely inadequate. In these situations coordination with the mechanical, electrical and plumbing trades is critical to success. Today the accepted use of BIM technology allows a 3D model to be created where all trades can simulate their most efficient installation. “Collision” identification during coordination - prior to mobilization - prevents costly rework and inefficiency.

USA Fire can meet the fire prevention needs of the health care industry whether it be new construction or retrofit of existing buildings. Let us demonstrate our expertise with a 3D presentation of some prior successful installations.

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