Major Projects

United States Alliance Fire Protection has participated in a stunning diversity of Fire Protection projects over the years. From the beginning, our winning "Can-Do" attitude has been tempered by disciplined job selection. After taking time to analyze a challenge, there are few ventures we won’t reach for. Applied ingenuity transforms tough projects into profitable opportunities.

Projects large and small have their idiosyncrasies that set them apart. Retrofit of high rise buildings and medical centers present some of the largest challenges we undertake, yet even the installation of a simple system in a single family home can be can be complex due to the nature of stick-built wood construction. The overarching need for fire safety can hardly be more pronounced than when working in a steel mill, chemical plant or power station, but working safely everywhere earns a reputation that opportunity can’t resist.

Every Fire Protection project can have an optimum outcome. Figuring out what that looks like beforehand builds confidence in taking on the right projects – whatever they may be.

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