Home Fire Protection

"The serious losses in life and property resulting annually from fires cause me deep concern. I am sure that such unnecessary waste can be reduced. The substantial progress made in the science of fire prevention and fire protection in this country during the past forty years convinces me that the means are available for limiting this unnecessary destruction."

-Harry S. Truman, The President’s Conference on Fire Prevention, 1947

Such forward thinking always spurred "American Ingenuity". The evolution of modern residential construction technology* and the simultaneous boom in synthetic consumer products collided to create an unprecedented, unique new challenge; affordable fire protection for single family residences.

By 1988, USAFP was already well on its way to protecting thousands of single-family houses, townhomes and low-rise condominiums. USAFP recognized that the residential construction process differs significantly from commercial. To better meet the need, a new division of specialized employees was created and continues to thrive today.

United States Alliance Fire Protection was the very first accredited residential contractor in the country. Accreditation is awarded by the prestigious Center for Public Safety Excellence (CPSE) after the completion of a rigorous assessment. Accreditation assures local authorities, homebuilders and ultimately homeowners that we stand behind our work and conduct our business with integrity.

Residential fire sprinkler systems are simple by design; however putting them into stick-built homes requires experience and judgment. Our team works collaboratively with the builder and the municipality to find innovative residential fire sprinkler solutions, to the unique challenges that frequently arise during construction.

All home builders benefit from our competence and reliability. Prompt shop drawings and permits, timely field mobilization and trouble-free inspections are how we deliver extra value so you can confidently focus on your customers.

For suggested pipe insulation techniques, click here. Note: these details are provided solely for our customer's reference in the absence of advice from the insulation contractor; USAFP does not perform nor inspect this work.

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Greater Chicago, northern Illinois and northwest Indiana:
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List of Large Single-Family and Town Home Projects

  • Bristol Bay
  • Yorkville
  • Centex Homes
  • Buckingham Woods
  • Streamwood
  • Pulte Homes
  • Canterbury Fields
  • Hoffman Estates
  • Ryland
  • Carrington Reserve
  • West Dundee
  • Pulte
  • Cider Grove
  • Huntley
  • Town and Country Homes
  • Enclave at Galewood Crossing
  • Chicago
  • Red Seal Homes
  • Enclave at Riverfront
  • Mt. Prospect
  • Red Seal Homes
  • Estates at Lake Barrington
  • Lake Barrington
  • Toll Brothers
  • Merit Club
  • Libertyville/Gurnee
  • Merit Homes
  • Weatherstone
  • Inverness
  • Dartmoor Homes

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*Modern home construction technology utilizes lightweight wood trusses. These components are attractive because they are both "greener" and less expensive than traditional sawn lumber. Further they are structurally stronger allowing greater open floor plans. Unfortunately they have created some unintended consequences. First, they fail in a fraction of the time under fire conditions and second, open floor plans allow greater oxygen than traditional, compartmented layouts. Combine this with the intensely combustible and toxic synthetic content (vs slower burning natural content) in our furnishings, etc. and you have a far more dangerous home than just a generation ago - capable of reaching deadly flashover in just minutes. (ref. UL & NIST).

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