Safety & Risk Management

As United States Alliance Fire Protection surpasses five million work hours without a lost time incident, we pause to acknowledge the extraordinary level of team commitment necessary to achieve it.

The continued excellence of United States Alliance Fire Protection’s safety and loss prevention program is achieved through management commitment, safety awareness, continued training but most of all because our employees choose to be safe.

United States Alliance Fire Protection operates with the philosophy that quality, safety and productivity work collectively to deliver greater value to our customers. This simple attitude differentiates us from our competition. We are dedicated to fire safety and risk management within the home and workplace with by providing you with the best Fire Protection services available.

Recognizing our employees as our biggest asset, safety is taken seriously. We provide a safe work environment and conduct ourselves with safe work practices. This culture of personal well-being creates an obligation to ensure that our employees return home as healthy as when they arrived each day.

Our Risk Management Department has developed a world-class Health and Safety Program that defines our expectations and provides guidance on how to execute our fire protection tasks in a safe and productive manner. Through the implementation of this program, we maintain a very low Experience Modification Rate (EMR), incident and frequency rates and overall losses.

At United States Alliance Fire Protection, we are Striving Towards Excellence & Professionalism in Safety. These "STEPS" help protect our employees and those around us:

  • Train each employee,
    • Be accountable for workplace safety,
      • Pre-plan projects to reduce incidents, injury and illness,
        • Enforce safe work practice as a shared responsibility,
          • Investigate any unsafe incident, correct the action to prevent reoccurrence.

Details of our EMR and Health and Safety Program are available upon request:

Corporate Safety Director: Dave Curran

Greater Chicago, northern Illinois and northwest Indiana: 847-816-0050

Greater Milwaukee, Greater Madison and Wisconsin: 262-782-3311


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