Fire Sprinkler Retrofit

As building codes progress, older structures are grandfathered to remain statically consistent with codes in place at the time of original construction.

As technology progresses the disparities eventually render these structures a relic, falling far short of the standard of care the general public may unwittingly expect.

After objective risk assessment and cost-benefit analysis many property owners have concluded that fire sprinkler retrofit makes the most sense.

The retrofit of Fire Sprinkler systems is too complex and expensive to risk inexperience. A fire protection contractor's qualifications and performance record are key items to consider. United States Alliance Fire Protection's office and field personnel are experts and have delivered many high-profile projects on time and within budget.

The logistical experience gained through many large fire sprinkler retrofit projects combined with our solid financial strength instills the confidence our clients need to move forward. No other fire sprinkler retrofit contractor surpasses our bonding capacity or insurance capability.

Every large fire sprinkler retrofit is a balance between cost and convenience. The least cost may yield the greatest disruption to the tenants. Fixed-cost contracts and time and material contracts each present advantages under different circumstances. United States Alliance Fire Protection will work through the alternative approaches with the buyer to determine what Fire Sprinkler system makes the most sense.

If desired, we will assume the role of prime contractor and complete the contract on a turn-key basis. Through experience USAFP has found this arrangement may be more convenient and cost-effective for the buyer.

To schedule an appointment or learn about how we can retrofit or design a fire sprinkler system specific to your business needs:

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