What We Do

Special Hazard fire protection is a rethinking of traditional approaches to ensure the safety of personnel and prevent costly business interruption. Through experience and ingenuity, USA Fire Protection will develop cost-effective Special Hazard Fire Suppression Systems for your unique fire protection challenges. USA Fire Protection will perform a hazard analysis to evaluate the relevant sources of fuel, ignition, heat and oxygen as well as consider the specific environment that can cause increased hazards.

Systems We Use

Water spray & deluge:
  • Conveyors
  • Electric transformers
  • LPG storage containers
  • Rolling mills (steel/aluminum)
  • Water cooling towers
Foam water:
  • Aircraft hangars
  • Flammable liquid loading racks (truck/rail)
  • Flammable liquid outside storage
  • Flammable liquid warehousing
Low pressure carbon dioxide:
  • Turbine generators
Clean agent
  • Computer rooms
  • Data storage centers