4 million hours

without a lost time injury & counting

People are our greatest asset

Whether customer, supplier, building/fire official or fellow employee all the people we interact with deserve and receive the benefit of our best ideas and performance. We welcome your feedback to celebrate mutual successes or evaluate perceived shortcomings.

Our Projects

University Chicago Medical Center


As a business owner, you are most likely “putting out fires” on a daily basis. But if a real fire occurs, would you know what …

fire hydrant

Although this winter has been relatively mild compared to last years polar vortex, snow is still falling in many parts of the country. Winter can …

new years

Holiday season is upon us--in just a few days we will be ringing in 2016! With all the festivities and celebrations, we often overlook the …

Image credit: http://gawker.com/reports-fire-rages-on-50th-floor-of-john-hancock-skysc-1743969287

On Saturday afternoon, hundreds of tourists and onlookers on Michigan Avenue looked up in awe to the 50th floor of the iconic John Hancock Center, …

FIRE-FREE halloween

BOO! Halloween really snuck up on us this year! With only one week left until the festivities begin, USAFP is here to provide you with …

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