New Construction


USA Fire Protection provides fire safety systems to a variety of structures large and small. High rise structures, stadiums, medical centers, and high-tech data centers are among the unique challenges encountered that require our expertise and creativity. Our 9-Million-hour safety record helps minimize delays and additional costs on jobs for our customers. Our expertise in design and engineering expedites the coordination process. The size of our design and labor departments allows us to adjust to specific job requests and unique job site conditions. USA Fire Protection tailors a commercial proposal based on specific budget constraints, schedule concerns, and customer preferences. Our financial stability allows our customers to be confident that we will be around to finish the job. Contact us for seamless commercial fire protection from start to finish.


USA Fire Protection is an accredited residential contractor awarded by the prestigious Center for Public Safety Excellence (CPSE). USA Fire Protection has experience with single-family homes, townhomes, low-rise condominiums, and high-rise apartments. All home builders benefit from our reliable team and safety procedures. Today’s homes are made with highly flammable synthetic materials. These materials can combust 4-5 minutes after a fire begins, making fire protection increasingly more necessary. We have experience and relationships with various fire prevention bureaus and engineering consultants to make sure your property is up to our excellent safety standards. USA Fire Protection works collaboratively with the builder and the municipality to find fire safety solutions to build your structure to code. USA Fire Protection takes pride in the value we provide to our customers. Contact us for all your residential fire protection needs.