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Keep the Wreath Red

Keep the Wreath Red Many fire departments participate in the “Keep the Wreath Red” tradition during the holiday season. The program was launched in 1980 by the Illinois Fire Chiefs Association aimed at increasing the awareness of safety while decorating your homes for the holidays. According to the NFPA, “holiday lights and other decorative lighting were […]

Flashover: The Power of Fire Sprinklers

Flashover: The Power of Fire Sprinklers Fire Sprinklers Can Save You, Your Home, and Your Family. At USA Fire Protection, safety is our number one priority. In order to keep you safe from fire, it is important to recognize the probable timeline of a house fire. Today’s homes are made with highly flammable synthetic materials […]


WHY REVERSE PARKING OR FORWARD FIRST PARKING IS SAFER Why is Reverse Parking or Forward First Parking safer? Continue reading for the facts, the myths and why you should do it everywhere you go! Driver safety does not stop in the parking lot. In fact, drivers should be even more vigilant of their surroundings while […]

Fire Sprinklers Myths Versus Facts

Fire Sprinklers Myths Versus Facts Setting the Record Straight on Residential Fire Protection Due to the way fire sprinklers are portrayed in movies, many people don’t know how fire sprinklers really work. The USAFP team is here to debunk the common myths and teach you the facts. Check out the chart below to learn more. […]

Fire Protection Budget Checklist

Budget Planning Checklist Have you started planning your 2022 budget? If so, did you include fire and life safety? Whether you are budgeting for a new system, a renovation to an existing system, or for this year’s inspection, testing, and maintenance, our team can serve all your fire protection needs. We’ve created this helpful checklist […]

School Fire Protection Budget Checklist

New School Year Fire Protection Budget Check List We know that although the school year is over, summer is a busy time for administrators planning for back-to-school. Whether it be budgeting for a new system remodel, budgeting for this year’s fire inspections, or budgeting for a project over the next school break, USAFP can complete […]

Fire Sprinkler Inspection, Testing, and Maintenance Schedules

Fire Sprinkler Inspection, Testing, and Maintenance Schedules USAFP inspects, tests, and maintains following the latest versions of NFPA. This includes fire sprinkler systems, standpipes, fire pumps, and more. Our highly trained professionals will make sure your systems stay up to date while exceeding all expectations. Check out the chart below to see what maintenance your […]

Affiliation Participation

USAFP’s Affiliation Participation USA Fire Protection maintains professional affiliations with many fire protection services organizations. From organized labor, to advocacy groups and public protection to business associations, our partners provide the critical services and information necessary for USAFP to remain in the forefront of the Fire Protection industry and marketplace. To name a few of […]

Wisconsin Updates to Commercial Building Code Effective 4/19/21

Wisconsin Updates to Commercial Building Code Effective 4/19/21 Beginning on April 19th, 2021 the Department of Safety and Professional Services (DSPS) will resume enforcing a code requiring fire sprinkler systems in certain structures. Furthermore, this code applies to multi-family homes with three or more units attached. The code requires that anyone submitting building plans to […]

Ladder Safety

Ladder Safety A good foundation for a proper ladder setup will help prevent slips and falls. Place the base on a firm, solid surface. Avoid slippery, wet, or soft surfaces. If you must put the ladder on a soft surface, place a board under the ladder’s feet to provide a firm footing. Make sure the […]