Creepin’ It Real This Halloween With these Halloween Fire Safety Tips


Costumes, Pumpkins, & Fire Safety… OH MY!


Halloween is a time for sweets, scares, and fun, but do you know how to stay safe? Each year on average, 780 house fires begin from Halloween decorations. More than two of every five Halloween house fires occurred because decorations were placed too close to a heat source, such as a candle, or jack-o-lantern. The fires are estimated to have caused an average of 41 civilian injuries and $13 million in direct property damage per year. These fires are preventable if you follow the Halloween fire safety tips in the below infographic. For more information visit the NFPA website.

USA Fire Protection wishes you a spooky and safe Halloween filled with fun, not fear. For more information on how USA Fire Protection can keep you safe with the fire protection systems we provide, visit us here.