Environmental Impact of Fire Sprinklers


Environmental Benefits of Fire Sprinklers

Fire Sprinklers are widely recognized for their role in protecting people and property from fire. However, did you know that fire sprinklers can help protect the environment as well? In 2010, experts at FM Global and the Home Fire Sprinkler Coalition conducted an experimental study to quantify the environmental impact of fire sprinklers. Furthermore, in 2021, FM Global reaffirmed the initial findings. The experimental study involved a burn test conducted on two identical living rooms. The only difference was that one living room had a fire sprinkler while the other did not. Once the two living rooms were ablaze, they were left alone for approximately ten minutes. One living room was extinguished without a fire sprinkler, while the other was assisted by a single residential fire sprinkler. Check out the video below to see this process in action:

Here’s What They Found

Through their study, researchers found that in a home with installed fire sprinklers:

  • Greenhouse gas emissions were cut by 97.8%.
  • Water usage was reduced between 50% and 91%.
  • Fewer persistent pollutants, such as heavy metals, were found in sprinkler wastewater versus fire hose water.
  • The high pH level and pollutant load of non-sprinkler wastewater are an environmental concern.

Additionally, in its new review, FM Global estimates since 2010:

  • 1,800,215,826 lb (816,564,163 kg) of greenhouse gases have been emitted into the atmosphere due to the lack of home fire sprinklers.
  • Installed home fire sprinklers would have reduced greenhouse gas emissions by 97% to 54,006,475 lb (24,496,925 kg).

Though it is well known that Fire Sprinklers provide public safety and reduce property damage, the environmental benefits are often overlooked. By promoting and installing fire sprinkler systems, USAFP is not only saving lives but is also working toward achieving sustainability.

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