Flashover: The Power of Fire Sprinklers

Flashover: The Power of Fire Sprinklers

Fire Sprinklers Can Save You, Your Home, and Your Family.

At USA Fire Protection, safety is our number one priority. In order to keep you safe from fire, it is important to recognize the probable timeline of a house fire. Today’s homes are made with highly flammable synthetic materials that burn faster than traditional homes built of wood or cotton. This can cause materials to totally combust in 4-6 minutes.

Within just 3-4 minutes those highly flammable materials can cause Flashover. Flashover is the moment when the temperature gets so hot in the home that objects reach their autoignition temperature, emit flammable gasses, and instantly combust. Without the use of sprinklers and fire alarms, the chance of escaping decreases significantly. Sprinklers significantly increase the chance of suppressing the fire and escaping when compared to only having fire alarms.  Fortunately, by installing sprinklers and fire alarms, the flames and smoke are suppressed or controlled, increasing the likelihood of escaping the house in time and saving property.

The thought of flashover can evoke a lot of fear in many home owners. The team at USA Fire Protection can test and Install sprinkler systems and alarms in your residential property. To learn more about our residential department visit the residential page here or call USA Fire Protection at 844-MYUSAFP.

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