Holiday Fire Safety Tips

Holiday Fire Safety Tips

Decorations, festive lights, cheerful candles, magnificent trees, what could go wrong? Although the holidays are meant for celebration, it is also important to know the potential fire risks. USAFP is here to share some holiday fire safety tips for the season.


While covering your living room with festive decorations, be sure to use decorations that are flame resistant, or retardant. Especially if placing near an open flame or fireplace.

Festive Lights

Before stringing lights, replace any strands with worn or broken cords, or loose bulb connections. Only replace bulbs and fuses while the lights are unplugged.

Cheerful Candles

More than a third of home decoration fires are caused by candles. Be sure to keep lit candles on stable surfaces and away from other decorations. Don’t leave open flames unattended!

Magnificent Trees

Live holiday trees become a fire hazard once dried out. Always make sure to keep your holiday tree watered. If lighting your tree, unplug the lights before leaving your home or going to bed.

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Learn more about holiday safety from the NFPA.