Oak Park Station

Oak Park Station has two individual towers. The north tower consists of one level of retail and four levels of residential apartments. The south tower (shown) consists of street-level retail space, five levels of parking, one level of amenities, and fourteen levels of residential apartments known as The Emerson Apartments. The two towers are connected by a covered skywalk. The streets of Oak Park are booming with restaurants, bars, shops, and bustling commuters.

The USAFP team installed the fire protection systems in the retail (core), parking, and residential apartment spaces for both the north and south towers. The fire pump, newly installed by USAFP, is located in the south tower. You would never know it, but the skywalk bridge houses the sprinkler main and mechanicals that feed the north tower, in addition to serving as a pedestrian walkway. The apartments and the amenities are protected with the added safety and continuous maintenance from USA Fire Protection.

Oak Park Station was no challenge for our talented USAFP team. We provided a top-notch fire protection system while navigating the crowded streets and tight surroundings of the area. The USAFP team is proud of getting the job done safely, on time, and without disturbing any of the local businesses.

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