The Hatchery

The Hatchery is a 67,000 square foot food incubation center. The company supports local food and beverage entrepreneurs with their cutting-edge kitchen facility startup spaces. Startup spaces are affordable so foodies can avoid the high rent and upfront costs of the typical kitchen. This allows the entrepreneurs to kickstart their businesses and cultivate their cooking skills before heading off on their own. This is essentially how The Hatchery came to their name, hatching new food concepts, jobs, and companies.

USA Fire Protection was selected to provide the fire protection solutions to 56 private kitchens, loading docks, event spaces, and meeting rooms. The private kitchens allow for up-to 75-100 entrepreneurs to hone their craft. Our team was also able provide the fire protection in the cold food storage, dry food storage, and freezer storage areas. Due to the unique ceilings, concealing our sprinkler pipe was a bit of a challenge. The talented USAFP team was able to overcome this without interfering in the aesthetic look of this awe-inspiring facility.

To date Hatchery has created 100 new food concepts and expects to create over 900 new jobs by 2023. To learn more about Hatchery, visit the website here.

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