Wisconsin Updates to Commercial Building Code Effective 4/19/21

Wisconsin Updates to Commercial Building Code Effective 4/19/21

Beginning on April 19th, 2021 the Department of Safety and Professional Services (DSPS) will resume enforcing a code requiring fire sprinkler systems in certain structures. Furthermore, this code applies to multi-family homes with three or more units attached. The code requires that anyone submitting building plans to the DSPS will need to comply with the fire sprinkler requirements highlighted in the Wis. Admin. Code SPS § 362.0903. In other words, any residential building with three or more housing units will be required to have an automatic sprinkler system.

Residential fires account for 63.6% of all fire fatalities in Wisconsin. DSPS Secretary-designee Dawn Crim stated “Enforcing this provision will protect individuals and families that live in multi-family dwellings and it will protect the firefighters who respond to calls.” Fire sprinklers are important because they begin to extinguish the flames at the first sign of fire before the fire department can arrive. This allows for more time to escape the building for the occupants, and a safer environment for the firefighters to enter.

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