A Quick Guide for Fire Extinguisher Inspections

A Quick Guide for Fire Extinguisher Inspections

ABC dry chemical fire extinguishers are devices that can prevent a fire incident from turning into a devastating accident. Therefore, it is important to keep up with your extinguisher’s inspection, testing, and maintenance (ITM) schedule to give you the peace of mind that the device will work if you need it. Use this quick guide for fire extinguisher inspections to learn about the different ITM procedures that will ensure your extinguisher is ready-to-go in an emergency.

Monthly Inspections

Monthly inspections check for visible signs of damage and other measures that can hinder the device’s performance. Here are some things to look out for:

Monthly inspections do not require certification to complete. However, USAFP can set you up with a recurring service to complete these inspections for you.

Annual Inspection

A certified fire extinguisher inspector from a licensed fire protection company needs to perform a full maintenance check once a year. This process ensures that the mechanical components of your fire extinguisher are in good condition and that the device is operable. An internal examination and additional testing may also be required.

6-year ITM

Your fire extinguisher must be serviced and recharged by a certified fire extinguisher service provider every six years. During this process, a member of our team will refresh the device by emptying and replacing the extinguishing material and updating the necessary hardware. Then the extinguisher will be tested. Lastly, the device will be verified as in-compliance for six years, requiring only the annual inspection for the next five years.

12-year ITM

A certified professional needs to perform hydrostatic testing every 12 years. This test requires advanced equipment.

For more information about fire extinguisher inspections, refer to NFPA 10.

Fire extinguishers can be a first line of defense against a fire incident. If you are due for any of your fire extinguisher ITM services, dial 844-MYUSAFP (698-7237) or click here today! Our team of certified professionals is ready to assist you with all your ITM needs.

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