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Firework Safety Tips

Firework Safety Tips The 4th of July is often peak summer fun for friends and families across the U.S. While fireworks are almost always part of the celebration, they can lead to some not-so-pretty statistics. A recent report prepared by members of the United States Consumer Product Safety Commission found that 8 firework-related deaths were received, […]

Fire Protection Budget Checklist

Fire Protection Budget Planning Checklist Having a successful budget allows you to plan out expenses, reach business goals, and anticipate operational changes. While there are many costs to consider when preparing your budget, don’t forget to include fire and life safety in your 2025 budget! It may also be a good time to review last […]

School Fire Protection Budget Checklist

New School Year Fire Protection Budget Check List US fire departments respond to an average of 3,230 structure fires in schools per year. These incidents caused one civilian death, 39 injuries, and $37 million in direct property damage annually. Therefore, it is important to make fire and life safety a priority for your budget so […]

Holiday Fire Safety Tips

Holiday Fire Safety Tips Decorations, festive lights, cheerful candles, magnificent trees, what could go wrong? Although the holidays are meant for celebration, it is also important to know the potential fire risks. USAFP is here to share some holiday fire safety tips for the season. Decorations While covering your living room with festive decorations, be […]

Recent Municipality Fire Code Changes

MUNICIPALITIES’ FIRE CODES ARE CHANGING. IS YOURS ONE OF THEM? USAFP CAN HELP YOU STAY UP TO DATE Many municipalities across Illinois have updated or adopted a new fire code. More than 100 municipalities across Northeast Illinois require fire sprinklers in residential homes, with a few new additions this year. How does a fire protection […]

All-Inclusive Fire Protection Solution

USAFP is your All-Inclusive Fire Protection Solution Protecting lives and property is the mission at USA Fire Protection. Our all-inclusive fire and life safety systems enable us to do just that. Every element is important when it comes to fire protection. When each one is working properly you receive the maximum overall protection. These elements […]

9 Million Hours Without a Lost Time Accident​

USAFP has achieved 9 Million Hours Without a Lost Time Accident​ We would like to celebrate the USA Fire Protection team for achieving 9 million hours without a lost time accident. That equates to 375,000 days or 1,027 years! Our company believes that quality, safety, and productivity work together to deliver great value to our […]

Eye Injury Prevention Month

Make Eye Protection Part of Your 2023 Vision Workplace eye injuries send 20,000 people to the emergency room each year. To help raise awareness and prevent such accidents, the American Academy of Ophthalmology names July National Eye Injury Prevention Month. With half the year gone already, take some time to refocus your safety efforts to […]

Fire Suppression System Spring Maintenance Tips

Fire Suppression System Spring Maintenance Tips Spring is the perfect time of year for new beginnings. After a long winter, jumpstart the new season with these fire suppression system spring maintenance tips to ensure your family, employees, and property are protected. What to Do Cold weather can cause (and hide) small issues with fire safety […]

My Fire Alarm is in Trouble, Now What?

What you Need to Know! Fire Alarm systems are the first line of defense when it comes to fire protection. these systems actively work to detect smoke, heat, or an activated fire suppression system. Once detected it sounds an alarm, activates horns and strobe lights, and notifies the Fire Department. Depending upon which systems are […]