Burn Awareness Week

Burn Awareness Week 2021

Every year in the United States, approximately 400,000 people receive medical care due to burn-related injuries. American Burn Association is dedicated to educating the community on awareness and prevention. This year’s National Burn Awareness Week theme is Electrical Safety from Amps to Zap (A to Z). In the information below you will see three common risks of injury from, unprotected electrical outlets, improperly used extension cords, and workplace electrical injuries. Check out the tips below.

A) Is for Appliances

People are spending more time at home than ever before which has led to more home improvements being made. If you were lucky enough to score some hard-to-find appliances, do not overload your outlets! Only one major appliance should be used per outlet to prevent overheating that can lead to fire.

B) Is for Batteries

Your batteries died, now what? When batteries are tossed in the trash they can overheat, start a fire, or even explode! Therefore, it is best to keep batteries out of your pocket and out of the trash! Instead, many chain stores offer battery recycling, such as Best Buy, Staples, Home Depot, Lowe’s, RadioShack, or Office Depot.

C) Is for Cords

You are working remotely from home, the kids are eLearning, there are cords everywhere! Inspect your cords regularly. Frayed cords and bare wires can spark and cause a fire. Throw away frayed or broken cords; replacements for most cords are available online, so do a quick search!

Burn safety education and prevention efforts continue to reduce the number of people who suffer from burns each year. During this Burn Awareness Week, make sure you understand the risks and prevention of electrical safety.

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