Buy or Build with Fire Sprinklers in 2024

New Year, New Home? Buy or Build with Fire Sprinklers in 2024

From career changes to lifestyle alterations to the need for a larger or smaller home, many may consider moving at some point in 2024. Whether you choose to buy an existing home or opt for a new construction home, a fire sprinkler system should be non-negotiable. A fire sprinkler system is the most effective way to protect people, property, and everything important to you. Learn why you should plan to buy or build with fire sprinklers in 2024 below.

Why You Should Buy or Build with Residential Fire Sprinklers

The most recent data from the U.S. Fire Administration estimates that 353,500 fires, 2,840 deaths, 11,400 injuries, and $8,855,900,000 in dollar loss were attributed to residential building fires. Furthermore, the top causes include cooking, heating, and electric malfunctions. You may wonder why residential fires are so common and damaging, so let’s dive deeper. According to the Home Fire Sprinkler Coalition, a house fire can become deadly in less than 2 minutes. This is because common household items are made of plastics and synthetics that make fires burn and spread faster. These facts can be alarming, but luckily, with the proper fire and life safety systems, you can help protect your family and your home from fire.

Here’s What You Can Do

A few simple steps can help you protect your home from fire.

  • Install Smoke Detectors Throughout the Home

Install smoke detectors on every level of the home, outside sleeping areas, and inside bedrooms. Once installed, be sure to test your smoke detectors once a month to ensure the batteries are good and the devices still work. Additionally, change out the batteries twice a year. Note that all smoke detectors must be replaced after 10 years.

For Illinois residents, the Smoke Detector Act requires homes to have sealed-battery smoke detectors. These smoke detectors remove the need to replace the devices’ batteries twice a year and are made to last approximately 10 years. Monthly testing is still recommended.

  • Install Fire Extinguishers

If a fire breaks out, your priority should always be a safe exit. However, fire extinguishers can come in handy to control a small fire before it gets out of control or can help clear a pathway to ensure a safe exit during a major fire incident. Locate a designated area for a fire extinguisher in your kitchen, garage, and any workshop areas in your home.

Similar to smoke detectors, it is important to check and maintain your fire extinguishers as well. Contact USA Fire Protection for all your fire extinguisher maintenance needs.

  • Ask for Fire Sprinklers

Home fire sprinklers protect your home 24/7, 365. Check out the video below to see how home fire sprinklers detect and control or put out a fire.

USA Fire Protection is Here to Help

If you are planning to buy an existing home, talk with your realtor to find you homes with fire sprinklers. Alternatively, consider setting a budget that will allow you to retrofit a fire sprinkler system into an existing home. If you are looking to build your home, talk with your builders about working with a trusted fire and life safety contractor.

At USA Fire Protection, safety is a top priority. With over 35 years in the industry, our certified, licensed, and specialized team of experts is equipped to take on any project, big or small. Call 844-MYUSAFP (698-7237) or visit our website to get in touch with our fire and life safety experts. We are more than happy to assist with your fire and life safety system planning and scheduling.

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