Restaurant Fire Safety Tips

Restaurant Fire Safety Tips

Whether you are celebrating a birthday, anniversary, OR taking a break from cooking, all it takes is a fire sparking to set your evening adrift. Both the restaurant go-er and owner will suffer the consequences. Approximately 8,240 restaurant fires occur annually, resulting in an average of 2 deaths, 115 injuries, and $246 million in property damages. Below are a few things you as a civilian can do, and a few that restaurant owners can do to ensure restaurant safety.

What a Restaurant Go-er can do:

  • Call ahead to check for fire sprinkler systems
  • Once at the restaurant, locate the nearest emergency exit
  • Inform others in your party of the fire evacuation plan

What Restaurant Owners can do:

  • Have the exhaust system and cooking equipment inspected for grease buildup
  • Keep portable fire extinguishers as a backup
  • Ensure emergency lights are working
  • Train staff on the emergency evacuation plan
  • Wire the exhaust fan to turn on automatically when cooking appliances are turned on
  • Have your fire suppression system professionally installed, tested, and inspected by USAFP: 844-MYUSAFP

These tips are crucial for a safer restaurant. Need a professional opinion on how to make your restaurant safer? Visit our website, or reach out to our team at 844-MYUSAFP (698-7237) to learn more. We are more than happy to assist with your fire and life safety system planning and scheduling.