110 North Wacker- Bank of America Tower

110 North Wacker- Bank of America Tower

110 Upper Wacker Drive Chicago, Illinois

USAFP was selected to provide the fire protection to the new Bank of America Tower at 110 North Wacker. This new skyscraper replaces the 1950s-era, six-story, former General Growth Building. Now towering over 800 feet, this fifty-nine-story high-rise is Chicago’s tallest purely commercial building.

This property is located alongside the public Riverwalk. The side of the building reflects water because of the glassy façade design. This gives the building a stunning exterior. Not only is 110 North Wacker beautiful, but it also includes the highest quality fire protection.

The water pump located on the 23rd floor presented a unique challenge. The USAFP team was able to overcome this hurdle through innovative solutions combining knowledge, design, and installation expertise. This building is equipped with state-of-the-art fire safety systems. For instance, these include multiple fire pumps, various systems, and thousands of sprinkler heads. Above all, the USA Fire Protection team delivered the safety requirements for the building’s guests and employees. Click here to view a time-lapse of the build.

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