Fire Extinguisher Services

Fire Extinguisher Services

It is essential to have the proper tools to protect yourself, home, and business from fire. Fire extinguishers effectively put out 80% of all fires when used properly.

Many state and local codes require properly maintained fire extinguishers on-premise in order to comply with regulations. With that being said, all fire extinguishers require regular professional inspections and annual tagging. In the event of a fire, your priority should always be to locate an exit, quickly vacate, and call the fire department.

Your safety is most important to us. Download or print the chart below for some of our extinguisher services we offer from new devices and cabinets, to refills and maintenance.

/red square image. Explains fire extinguisher requirements and typesClick here to download or print the above infographic.

Reach out to a member of our team for more information on the fire and life safety systems we offer and our commitment to keeping you protected.USAFP is your all-inclusive fire protection contractor. Contact us for your next project at 847-816-0050. For projects in Wisconsin call 262-782-3311. To learn more about additional fire and life safety systems we offer, click here.

Learn more about fire safety from the NFPA.

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