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Burn Awareness Week

Burn Awareness Week 2021 Every year in the United States, approximately 400,000 people receive medical care due to burn-related injuries. American Burn Association is dedicated to educating the community on awareness and prevention. This year’s National Burn Awareness Week theme is Electrical Safety from Amps to Zap (A to Z). In the information below you […]

2020 Year in Review

A Year in Review As the year comes to an end, we would like to take the opportunity to look back and review. 2020 was certainly a year of unique challenges for all, but there has been many bright spots and accomplishments as well! We would like to share a few highlights of 2020, as […]

Data Vault Toolbox

Data Vault Toolbox USAFP has increased our technological capabilities by adding two new Data Vault toolboxes to the organization. These Data Vault toolboxes are technology on wheels that can be taken along to job sites. Our IT team worked alongside our engineering and field crew to teach the capabilities of this new technology. Just like […]

All-Inclusive Fire Protection Solution

USAFP is your All-Inclusive Fire Protection Solution Protecting lives and property is the mission at USA Fire protection. Our all-inclusive fire and life safety systems enable us to do just that. Every element is important when it comes to fire protection. When each one is working properly you receive the maximum overall protection. These elements […]

Our Lady of the Angels

USAFP PROVIDES FIRE SPRINKLER SYSTEM TO OUR LADY OF ANGELS SCHOOL, SITE OF DEVASTATING 1958 FIRE More than 1,600 students and faculty attended Our Lady of Angels School, located in Humboldt Park on Chicago’s West Side. On December 1st, 1958, shortly before the school day ended, a fire ignited in a basement trash pile. As […]

Monitoring Services

Monitoring Services Click here to download the above infographic. Did you know USAFP can provide you with monitoring services? Our team can set up your system to monitor your fire alarms and fire sprinklers to protect you 24 hours a day. We will install a wireless radio, transformer, and antenna at your property connecting your […]

Fire Extinguishers

It is essential to have the proper tools to protect yourself, home, and business from fire. Fire extinguishers effectively put out 80% of all fires when used properly. Many state and local codes require properly maintained fire extinguishers on-premise in order to comply with regulations. With that being said, all fire extinguishers require regular professional […]

Insurance Discounts For Fire Protection

Insurance Discounts For Fire Protection Life safety systems such as fire alarm and fire sprinkler systems significantly increase your safety. But did you know they can also significantly increase the amount you save on insurance? In Illinois, annual homeowner’s insurance premium discount percentages ranged from 5 to 10% for those who have residential life safety […]

Working in Extreme Heat

Working in Extreme Heat Every year, dozens of employees fall ill while working in extreme heat conditions, with extreme cases resulting in death. Overexposure to high temperatures can range from heat rash and heat cramps, to heat exhaustion, and can progress to a life-threatening condition known as heat stroke. Knowing how to stay safe and cool while working in extreme […]

NFPA 25 Inspection Requirements

NFPA 25 Inspection Requirements The National Fire Protection Association (NFPA) is a nonprofit organization responsible for setting codes and standards for best practices in the fire protection industry. As advancements are made in sprinkler technologies and new methods are developed, the codes require regular updates. Recently, the NFPA has included new requirements for NFPA 25: […]